The automotive market presents many unique opportunities and challenges to its merchants, and 1st US Merchant Services® has the experience and knowledge to provide effective payment processing products and services to help them meet their requirements, remain competitive and boost their bottom line.

Towing services, auto repair services, paint and body shops and the automotive aftermarket are just a few of the industry sectors that we work with on a regular basis, finding solutions for:

  • A varied and demanding customer base
  • Larger ticket totals
  • Collecting payment when services are rendered
  • Higher-than-average risk factors
  • Non-traditional points of service/sale
  • Fleet card acceptance

For example, the point of service/sale for towing companies is on the road, making portable payment processing a plus. Enter 1st US Merchant Services’s PayFox®, our proprietary mobile credit card processing option that turns your iPhone® 3G/3GS/4/4S, iPad® or Android® device into a terminal on the go. Simply download the PayFox app, attach a cardreader to your mobile device and you’re good to go. Replace error-prone manual data entry with a simple card swipe that accepts virtually all major credit cards and signature debit cards while qualifying you for lower processing fees. Once the transaction is completed, simply email the receipt to your customer.

1st US Merchant Services knows that small and medium-sized automotive merchants face stiff competition every day from mega-retailers and chain auto supply stores that can leverage their size and high volume when dealing with manufacturers and suppliers. To help level the playing field, we offer a comprehensive variety of payment solutions including:

  • POS retail credit card processing
  • PIN debit card processing to reduce processing fees
  • Internet credit card processing
  • E-commerce credit card processing
  • Wireless credit card processing
  • Credit card processing software
  • MOTO (mail order/telephone order) processing
  • Loyalty and rebate programs to reward your customers

Diversified automotive merchants with multiple store locations and/or non-traditional points of sale can choose from 1st US Merchant Services’s full menu of credit card processing options to get exactly the services they need.