Connectivity is a critical part of credit card processing, so 1st US Merchant Services® supports several options for our POS systems including:

Dial-up uses traditional, analog phone lines. This affordable and accessible option is simple to install, processes quickly and is easy to use.

Internet Protocol (IP) eliminates the restrictions and expense of phone lines, freeing you up to process transactions from practically anywhere the sale takes you. Faster than dial-up, IP connectivity relies on Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocols for delivery of authenticated, reliable, security-encrypted messages on the Internet. 1st US Merchant Services supports both SSL1 session-based and SSL2 socket-based protocols, resulting in dual-layer encryption for an additional layer of security for our clients who need advanced security solutions for their customers.

IP over Frame Relay is a dedicated, high-speed, high-capacity phone circuit that eliminates the dial-up process and provides increased payment speed and reliability. It is of particular benefit to merchants with heavy transaction volumes and/or multiple locations.

VPN utilizes encryption tunneling technology across the Internet for high speed and secure authorizations.

Wireless connectivity allows for cell phone-based POS solutions (both CDMA and GPRS).

1st US Merchant Services can meet your requirements for speed, ease of use and security with a connectivity solution matched to your business needs.