POS Systems



1st US Merchant Services® offers a full menu of proven processing solutions, payment gateways and in-house systems to meet your business’s unique needs — and we deliver these solutions with unparalleled service and commitment to your business.

Point of sale (POS) transaction processing systems are constantly evolving, and 1st US Merchant Services keeps pace by offering tech-forward solutions that work reliably wherever you need to go to make the sale.

Select from the following POS systems from 1st US Merchant Services:

POS Terminals

An excellent option for merchants who deal in face-to-face transactions, POS terminals are perfect in a traditional retail environment.


Wireless processing cuts the cord, empowering merchants to complete sales transactions without a phone or Internet connection.


Mobile transaction processing is a major breakthrough for merchants and service providers who do business in the field and want to use their mobile phones or devices as a terminal on the go.

Virtual Terminal

Virtual terminals make e-commerce possible, allowing Internet merchants the immediacy and security of a POS terminal for their online customers.

Connectivity Options

Connectivity solutions include integration and plug-in options ranging from dial-up to virtual, depending on your specific requirements and needs.