Solutions by Industry

The field of electronic payments is not a one-solution-fits-all industry. Diverse merchants have diverse requirements, and 1st US Merchant Services® understands that.

As a payment processor with years of experience, we understand that the cookie cutter approach to payment processing that prevailed at one time doesn’t work in today’s marketplace. We work to understand each client’s unique situation, the competition he or she faces and the trends that affect the way he or she does business — and we constantly strive to meet all our clients’ needs for specialized transaction processing.

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We offer a full suite of the industry-leading payment processing products and services merchants need to be competitive in today’s global market.

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1st US Merchant Services’s approach to processing for restaurants capitalizes on all the benefits of credit and debit card acceptance while delivering industry-specific features.

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Towing services, auto repair services and body shops are just a few of the industry sectors for which we provide custom-designed processing solutions.

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Innovative donation and payment processing solutions for non-profit organizations go beyond traditional approaches and streamline the process.

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Local business associations drive the economy, and 1st US Merchant Services is committed to working within your community to help merchants thrive.

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Our Government Services® program provides online and POS solutions that are specifically tailored to government customers.

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1st US Merchant Services works with medical, dental, vision and veterinary care providers, providing customized solutions to their special processing needs.

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Mid-Market Corporate Sales

1st US Merchant Services understands that mid-market businesses have payment processing needs that require different solutions than their smaller counterparts.

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