Virtual Terminal

Virtual Terminal

A virtual terminal is the link merchants need to process payment card transactions online securely and efficiently from their own computer. 1st US Merchant Services® offers an easily accessible virtual terminal through Transaction Express™, our electronic payment gateway.

Using the computer’s web browser, an Internet connection and a USB card reader, a merchant first logs into Transaction Express’ secure website and then performs a variety of functions:

  • Process swiped retail transactions
  • Manually enter mail order/telephone order (MOTO) credit card transactions
  • Receive authorizations
  • Generate receipts
  • Issue refunds to a customer’s credit card
  • Capture previously authorized transactions
  • Set up automatic customer billing for recurring charges
  • Confirm transaction status
  • Upload batch files
  • Access, create and save a variety of standard and customizable reports

Online Shopping Carts can be integrated with Transaction Express. These shopping carts allow visitors to shop online and choose items, which can be purchased immediately or stored in the cart for later purchase. These carts facilitate the collection of billing address, shipping address and payment information which will be processes by the Transaction Express system.

Transaction Express supports a multi-user environment, so additional users can be created and registered in the virtual terminal by the merchant account administrator. Additionally, a single user can be granted access to more than one merchant account as long as the accounts are related. The administrator also sets specific permissions for users added to the virtual terminal.

Transaction Express’ multi-merchant environment allows the grouping of related merchant accounts and access via a single login at no extra cost — a real boon to merchants who have diversified their business.

Virtual terminals take credit card processing beyond landlines and into the 21st century, and 1st US Merchant Services leads the way with Transaction Express.